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Coworking Space

The biggest challenge small startups, freelancers and self-employed face is finding affordable, convenient workspace. Though many successful entrepreneurs work from home, we are quite sure they desire a more professional workspace for meetings, undisturbed working environment that separate work from home. My Officespace offers the perfect solution for all these hassles. We at My Officespace believe in a continuing relationship with our clients and hence offer an AMC, maintenance, and services of dedicated offices and other projects. Our aim is to provide overall maintenance, address repairs, refurbish furniture, fix electrical issues, and provide end to end solutions of your office needs. Co-Working space: it should be listed in an attractive way.

Plug and Play

Explore the best office space located in the popular neighborhood in Mysuru, and choose the suitable office space for your needs with quality interior and services.

Managed Space

My Officespace started its journey with creation of Managed Office in Mysore a decade back and have completed many projects successfully since then. We are preferred and popular with our clients as we work in tandem with our clients and customize to their tastes and likes. Our customer friendly attitude ensures that our clients do need have to worry about vacating or up scaling either, as we take care of the old offices without causing any inconvenience or major financial losses.


Coworking spaces are shared work environments where individuals or companies work independently or collaboratively.


MOS offer flexible membership options, allowing individuals or teams to choose from daily, monthly, or long-term memberships.


MOS foster a sense of community by bringing together professionals from different backgrounds. MOS organize networking events and provide opportunities for collaboration.


  • High-speed internet
  • conference rooms
  • Printing facilities
  • Shared common areas
  • Dedicated Cafeteria
  • Subsidiazed Covered Parking
  • Private office, Flexi desk, Dedicated Desk plans

Members pay for the space they use, and costs vary depending on the location and membership type.

Managed Office

Managed office are fully furnished and equipped office spaces managed by a MOS. Managed offices offer a ready-to-use office space solution with furniture, equipment, IT infrastructure, and support staff already in place.


These offices can be tailored to meet specific business requirements, allowing companies to choose the size of the office, layout, and additional services.

Administrative Support:

MOS provide reception services, administrative assistance, and IT support.

Lease Terms:

Businesses can lease managed offices for short or long durations, typically on flexible terms.

Plug N Play

Plug N Play offices are fully furnished office space without support staff assistance like security,house keeping , IT support and Monthly variable like Power,Internet costs are not covered.


Plug and play offices come pre-installed with IT infrastructure, including data cabling.


MOS offer customization options to cater to specific business needs. Plug N Play offices require minimal setup and are designed to enable businesses to start operating immediately after moving in.

Tenant Responsibilities:

Tenants are responsible for managing their day-to-day operations and may need to arrange additional services, such as administrative support or IT assistance.